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NYSRM 2013 May 4th & 5th Square Deal

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The format this year will be either rifle only or a multi gun (rifle and handgun on each stage). We're opening the match this year to

.22lr, bolt guns, WWII era ?? and the other usually suspects. We'll try to group classes together as best as we can.

Match Application


For those of you from Out Of State who are no longer able to bring banned firearms into the state, here's an option for you.

At the end of April on the 29th, the State Supreme Court has the ability to grant an injunction against the Un-Safe Act. If they do so, we're back in business, back to the way it was(maybe?). Some think the chances are slim while others think something may come from it. I don't know.

If you want to hold the date, I'll hold spots for you. If you can't come, I'll tear up your check.

Questions regarding the recent changes in NY firearms law:



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Just mailed my app. Not sure I will have legal gear. Is a post 94 ban legal ar ok? Are 30 rd mags ok if they have to 10 round limiter inside? Assume my g34 is out without 10 rd mags.

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