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Noob's Optimization Problem

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Pistoleros' Pop-Quiz for the day:

Match up the following handguns with the powders *on hand*, and recommend loads for each:


Lulu: Ruger LCR 38 SPL +P using 0.357 158 grain FN plated bullet (HSM)

Nadine: Ruger SR40 40 S&W using 0.400 165 grain plated FN bullet (HSM)

Mona: PARA-Ordnance GI Expert 45 ACP using 0.451 230 grain RN bullet (HSM)

[...and no, I don't work for HSM :roflol: ]

Powders *on hand*:





The girls send their thanks :devil: .

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Dude; seriously, naming your guns? O.K. here's the best advice I can give you: Look up your powders in your reloading manual, and, if you don't have a manual go the the online manufacturer of the powders and you will find reloading info for the calibers listed. Another source of info is sometimes listed by the bullet manufacturer. The W231/HP-38 data can be found in www.Hodgdon.com, lots of info there. Just look around and you shall find.

Good Luck.

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I'd guess the WW231 will handle all of it pretty well - probably better

than the Longshot or WAC.

If you look up the reloading forum - you can then select .40 caliber, and

you'll find a year's worth of posts re: reloading for .40 caliber - that

should give you a LOT of good thinking re: reloading .40.

Then, do same for .38 & .45.


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231 hp38 for em all.

Find some books for the loadings. If you do not have the books get them. Some are free even. Hodgen, Alliance, WW all available online.

Lyman and the Lee books should be on every bench as cross reference for starters.

I could name loads but that would encourage poor practice.

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Hey GlynnM45 -- naming guns is no more twisted than naming cars :roflol: .

Now, if I said I had named my lawnmower, you might wanna send over a couple guys with a big net.

I have been looking at manuals -- I was just interested in the reaction I would get to the question, in particular, personal experiences.

Looks like a lot of votes for W231/HP-38, but I b'lieve Nadine might like WSF and Longshot too :goof:.

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Carl; before it goes any further, you ARE in need of Therapy. We all know how this ends. Starts with a little powder here, a little powder there, and before you know it all your "Betty's" have their own powder and specific requirements for that powder. Back out now before you totally run out of money. CONTRARY TO BELIEF, RELOADING DOESN'T SAVE ANY MONEY!!!!!

FWIW, I am a fan of W231 for most applications regards .38/357.

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You guys are right on all counts.

Glynnm45 -- I fear it's too late for me; I have already been mercilessly sucked deep, deep down into that hole, for good or ill.

FWIW, I would never use a load that I pulled off a forum without checking some published data on it first. I've seen examples of what CMD-KY is talking about, and the mistakes went uncorrected for quite a while on the forum (not this one).

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