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Swapping Barrels in SX2 MK1 and Ranger


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Here is what I have

Super X2 practical mk1, has the 22 inch barrel with the rifle sights and canteliver.

Super X2 Ranger 26 inch.

Both are 3 inch chambers and everything on the barrels is identical except this.


The 26 inch barrel has a pin on top of the barrel extension that prevents it from going in the practical receiver. Anyone know if I can file that off and be ok? Or am I stuck not being able to swap barrels?

From what I read online it looks like the pin was put there to keep it from going on 3 1/2 inch guns.


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Is it just the perspective of the photo that makes the hood on the barrel on the left look quite a bit shorter than the one on the right? Actually, everything looks out of scale between the two in the photo.


Its just the angle the photo was taken at. The bottom one is closer to the lens. I took it at that angle so you could see the pin.

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