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New SS To Play With!


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Wanted to share my new SS! Hard chromed STI Trojan .40 from Shooter's Connection and Corey mags from Tripp! Big thanks to Mike, Chuck, and Barry for helping me get everything setup. Shot it last weekend and absolutely love it!



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Wanted to do a follow-up range report!

For the setup, I put in a 12.5 lb recoil spring, an 18 lb mainspring, added a Dawson ICE magwell and decided to shoot it. Also, Mike Foley at Shooter's Connection did some mojo on it to help the trigger along! Can't say enough about the guys there!

Spent some time at an indoor range to sight-in the gun. Had a FTF in the first 50 rounds through the gun but other than that, it ran flawlessly for 100 rounds. So far so good!

I have shot two matches with this gun now and it seems to be running very well! The first match was a classifier match in preparation for Battle in the Bluegrass. Not wanting to jeopardize my solid "C" in SS :roflol: I shot in Limited 10 to get classified. First three stages were getting used to the gun and it's timing, so a couple of shots didn't find their way onto the paper. On the fourth stage, I finally got the hang of it and finished the day strong. Had a few reload issues but overall, the gun was fun to shoot and I had no issues that were the gun's fault. The shooter just needs a little more practice. Coming from Limited to SS and trying to reload those skinny mags will take some getting used to. Oh, and I changed out the standard mag release for an extended Dawson and added a Shooter's Connection button after this match. Definitely a recommended upgrade.

Later that week, I shot a short three stage match at a local indoor range. Everything went well but I had one bulged case get stuck and had to power rack the gun to get it out. Of course, this was on the speed stage, so that really screwed up my match. So much for my QA! The chamber might be a little tight but for now I'm just going to check my ammo a little closer. I think I just missed a piece of Glocked brass since everything else ran fine. Other than that and a couple of rough reloads, it ran like a top.

In summary, I'm really enjoying the gun! I think the Tripp mags were definitely the way to go. Thanks to Steel1212 for the recommendation! As the saying goes, you get what you pay for! I'm excited about shooting it for the next few weeks to prep for BITB and it is definitely going to be a temptation to shoot this instead of my Limited rig this season. Just have to get used to the idea of changing mags more! :surprise:

If anyone has any specific questions, please feel free to hit me up.

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