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Looking for Load Data: Berry's 124gr HBFP for 357 Sig with Blue Do


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Been reloading for quite a while (9mm, 45acp, .32-20, .223). I recently purchased a Glock 33 and have started collecting supplies to reload the 357 SIG round. Supplies are limited these days so here is what I have to work with:

Berry's 124gr-HBFP

Federal SPP

Blue Dot powder

Speer nickel cases

I am looking for load suggestions. Berry's recommends keeping velocities under 1200fps so I need a light load for Blue Dot.

Any help would be appreciated.



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My 125g MG Sig bullet goes about 1500fps with 10.7g of Blue Dot out of a 4.75" barrel. so doing some extrapolation from there I would say you are going to need to be some where around 8.5g to get the velocity you are looking for. with that short of a barrel you may end up with lots of unburned powder so you will need to chrono to see what you are actually getting. I tried Blue Dot with some .40 135g Berrys in a G22C a while back and found that the ports in the barrel (making it effectively shorter) cost me about 150fps over a non ported barrel, and the chrono was covered in unburned powder.


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