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duty gear legal?


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I am a leo and uspsa competitor I wou like to start shooting some idpa matches and would like to use my duty gear. Holster is a blackhawk level 3 on a bianchi belt complete with cuffs and baton etc. Would this be legal?

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Yes, it's fine as long as all the other stuff you usually carry is present. Some of my friends from work use their's now and then.

Pg. 35 from the current rule book:

Exception – Police or military officers may use their duty rig, but

ALL retention features of the holster MUST be used and all belt

equipment (mace, handcuffs, etc.) must be present.

Also of interest to you from page 13:

CoF 13. Use concealment for scenario stages when

appropriate. Exception: Police or military officers when using

actual duty gear.

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