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True Blue in a minor load?


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I've done my due diligence and searched, but didn't see if anyone had tried it for a minor load. I liked the feel of a slower burning powder with my 147's, and have had great results with 7625, but thanks to the market, I'm running out.

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True Blue is a great powder that burns clean and meters well. Works great for 9 minor. I use it with 124's for production & PCC loads.

I do NOT recommend for 9 major though - too fast a burn rate and builds pressure dangerously quick with very minor OAL changes.

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I've used True Blue for minor and still do for range and practice.

Back when the shortage was in full swing True Blue was the only powder I could get my hands on when I started reloading.

Following that period of time I acquired a bunch 'cuz it worked for minor and it also works for a surprising number of other cartridges.

It is sort of a "jack of all trades" powder.  

I've loaded 38spcl, 357mag, 41mag, 9mm minor with it.

It might be a bit slow compared to the more popular 9mm minor powders but when loaded to a given power factor I have a hard time telling the difference.


Edit to add: It meters better than any other powder I have used. I've heard it said  "it meters like water". Hard to argue...

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