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Mepro 21 or Trijicon Reflex

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I've been looking for a nice red dot style sight for my 3-gun rifle that does not require batteries so I've been looking at the Trijicon Reflex and Mepro 21. I can't quite decide on which reticule for either, I kind of like the idea of the triangle but I'm not sure.

Can anyone comment on either optic? I'm looking for the good and the bad.

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I've owned both, still own a Mepro. I prefer it over the Trijicon.

I wouldn't buy or recommend either.

I bought the Mepro because it was used and very cheap. It worked well enough for what I used it for.

Dot washout issues, the light into dark issue and the fact that is't like you're always wearing sunglasses are giant faults IMO.

I'd MUCH rather have a CompML2 or something and have to buy a battery every few years.

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Now that I can answer better….

Shooting in open bays, in the middle of the day the sight is fine. That's the only time/way I used mine, so no problem. If the gun was something other that I'd use in less than perfect conditions I would pass. I took the Trijicon in the woods once hunting and forget it, the sight was useless.

If you're in darkness (shade) and your target is in sunlight, it's difficult, sometimes impossible to see the dot. When I used to use the Mepro at one range that had an overhead, I had to shoot at black targets in order to see the dot. Any light colors and it was like it wasn't there.

The sights have a tinted lens, so it's like looking through a sunglass lens. Which of course is made even darker if you're wearing sunglasses. Not a giant problem in the daylight, but if it's not…

The tritium part of the illumination does nothing during the day (and not much in between), it's only in the dark where it has any effect. But of course your looking through tinted lens in the dark at that point.

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I've owned both and prefer the trijicon over the mepro. Trijicon was brighter and physically smaller than the mepro. Trijicon makes two versions, the Reflex and Reflex II. Reflex II has better lens coatings and works much better in my opinion. It is true they are not nearly as bright as a battery power red dot but I have not had a case where it was impossible to see. I prefer the Reflex II over my Eotec XPS. Ultimately you need to try one to see if you like it. I also like the triangle. Hope this helps.

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I have a trijicon 42mm amber dot on my m&p 15-22 and I love it. But I really like having a battery-less dot on my 22 since it stays in the safe for long periods of time. I'm also one of those weirdos that doesn't like eotech's. I've never had an issue using it but I have done all my shooting at a range, but from sunup to sundown I haven't had an issue and I've had to give out batteries to eotechers on more than one occasion. Look through them if you can and fund what works best for you, and if all else fails buy and try then sell on here if it doesn't work out for you.

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