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Dawson front sight height .155 make sense?


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I've got a cz shadow that I just got from czcustom about a month ago. It's just the basic Shadow seen here: http://czcustom.com/CZ-75-SP01-SHADOW-PolyCoat-9mm.aspx

I'd like to have a more narrow front sight with a smaller fiber optic rod. As I understand it, czcustom measures from bottom of sight to top while Dawson measures top of slide to top of sight. I think I'm getting a 5.5mm measurement for the stock sight from bottom of sight to top, and I think I'm getting .155" from top of slide to top of sight. As I understand it, that would mean I'd need the .155" Dawson sight.

Since using a dial caliper isn't something I do every day I figured I'd just double-check here to see if my measurements are making sense. I read a bunch of threads on here and think I read in one that the factory shadow uses a cz custom 6.0mm front sight and that equates to a .170" Dawson sight...but that's not what I'm getting in my measurements.

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Go with the .170" sight. I have put several Dawson's on my Shadows and always use that height. I personally like the .100" width sight, but YMMV.

I'm curious as well? What is your POA vs POI at 15, 25 and 50 yards?

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