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Brian Enos's Forums... Maku mozo!

been here a long time, can finally say howdy.


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I have always wondered how I could introduce myself.

today I can because of This small bit of news.


For when that link goes stale, a man shot his wife and then killed himself.

During the time the man in the news item was living next door to me...

He assaulted my wife, mother-in-law, me, many neighbors, as well as filed false police reports.

I came to Brian's forum because of a Co-worker who was in shooting competitions

I had talked with him some about that problem neighbor.

His advice was 'The police are not there to protect you. Get a pistol and LEARN to use it.'

He recommended Brian's book 'beyond fundamentals' and a few particular pistols.

I got a 9mm and the book and practiced a lot.

I stay because this forum is full of good humor,

because I keep thinking one day I'll get confident enough to show my face at a competition,


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one day I'll get confident enough to show my face at a competition,

Welcome, and Jump In - the Water's fine. If you can find ammo (?)

don't wait - you'll find all friendly faces at your local competitions

(see uspsa.org for list of your local comps). They're all waiting

for you and your 9mm - they'll help you as much as possible, and

no one will laugh, as long as you are SAFE - no one (except you)

cares on bit about your speed or accuracy, only your SAFETY.

So, come on out - join us - it's a lot of fun.


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