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I am new to IDPA, our local club has a ConTac, Concealed Tactical meet every Saturday. It is an informal IDPA session. On my first chance to participitate I loved how it challenge my brain to do things that are uncomfortable. Like walking while shooting or holding something. I am completely hooked now. I need to practice to lose bad form. I purchased mag holders, a holster. Now after reading this forum I guess i should make some dummy rounds to practice reloads. In the beginning I was not focusing on aim, I was concerned with counting my rounds and changing magazines at certain targets, and following the course correctly. Now that I have done it few times I want bring my aim, and get better. Our club has a "No holster draw" policy, so that can only be done at home, with dummy rounds. I am using a Beretta 92F, I like it, I know it is not as fancy as a Glock or other popular poly frames. I am strong enough to hold it steady. I guess I am asking should I being doing anyting else? Not having any military experience this is very new to me.

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Do what I did... research everything you can about IDPA. Being here is a great start. Watch YouTube videos read some forum posts. The most important part is to have fun. You've already started a little bit by going out and shooting. That's what I did. I went to a club match, they knew I was a virgin and I got extra help to understand everything.

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