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Cases not centered when going into trim station with 550 and RT 1200

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It's been a little over a year or so since I've done any reloading (crazy busy with work and some moves around the country) and I'm just getting back to the bench now. When I left, everything was running smoothly like a well oiled machine. I am now in the midst of doing a ton of brass prep and have noticed that all of a sudden my .223/5.56 casings are not aligning correctly when they move into the RT-1200 station. My toolhead is set up as: 1) RCBS FL resize + decap 2) empty 3) RT-1200 4) Empty. I have no issues with them going up into the resizing die on station 1, however when they move to station 3 and go up into the rapid trim, they're consistently off center and stopping against the bottom face of the trimmer die. I usually have to hand guide each case up into the trimmer and I'm 99% sure I didn't have to do this before. Anyone run into this problem before and have some quick trouble shooting tips?

I'm about to relocate all of my equipment to inside the house (wife finally blessed off on it) and I'll most likely clean and re-assemble everything right out of the instruction manual for piece of mind. Hopefully it will solve the issue (maybe there's some gunk under the shell plate or something at that particular station...?) Thanks.

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Sounds like an issue I have had in the past with the shell plate not being tight enough to hold the cases straight. Loosen the set screw and tighten the plate down and this should fix your problem. Just my guess but it has worked for me in the past

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