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223 sizing problem

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I purchased a Super 1050 configured for 223 and I've been having a problem with resizing the brass.

I believe the length between the shoulder and the head is a few thousands too long. This is due to a couple of reasons. First, when checking the sized brass in a case gauge, I notice that the head sticks out just a little too far. I've compared this with factory rounds to confirm. Also, the reloaded rounds chamber very hard into my AR-15. And I really have to yank pretty hard on the charging handle to cycle it out. Some of them don't even chamber at all.

The most logical thing to try would be turning the sizing die into the toolhead a little more. However, I think I have it as low as it can go. It is already making contact with the shellplate and then some (at the end of the stroke). If I cycle the handle slowly and watch the die, I can see it make contact with the plate, and then move down with the plate a couple thousands more. I'm pretty sure if I turn the die in anymore I will risk damage to the press.

Do you think the die could be defective? Are Dillon full length sizing dies standard or small base? If regular, do they have a small base version I could use?

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It is not likely it is a problem with your die or the 1050.

I got a 1050 back in December for .223 and it works fine with the Dillon die.

Do you have a case gauge? That is the best way to set the die.

It could be something as simple as your case plate being too loose. Did you change it from the factory settings? Mine came perfectly spaced.

Are your cases properly lubed to to be sized correctly?

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Over cam is normal:


Keep screwing the die down until the sized brass chambers in you rifle. You don't want to over do it or you will overstress your brass which will lead to less case life and eventually case separations.

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