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9mm plated load data


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Being new to shooting & reloading, I have read & re-read I think every single post on 9mm lead plated load data. I learned, nothing seems consistent, what works in ones Glock 34 may not work in mine. So I set out to test what I had on hand, which is not alot since Im just starting out. I figured I would put all my testing (a whopping 3 weeks worth...lol) in one place that was easy to read. Which lead me to create this spread sheet. I hope that in some way it will help somebody out there as much as this forum has helped me. Just a couple notes...

1) Like I said I'm NEW.... so take everything w a grain of salt....

2) Several loads were recorded while my sights were incorrectly aligned... that is now fixed...again.. a grain of salt

3) Some loads DO NOT make PF... I had no idea until I tested for myself, that's why they're in here

4) Being new, I'm positive there are wayyyyyyy more accurate shooters out here......(especially Glock shooters) so they could be even more accurate.

5) Everything here is lead plated....its all I have. I will try MG & PD (If you want to donate some I'll test em for ya ....hahaaaaaa)

6) & Most important...dont blame me if these loads blow up your gun... they are just some Ive tried.... as always consult a load data book ........ "start low & go slow"

Hope this helps.....

Reload Data.pdf

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I used 4.5 gr HP 38 with Xtreme 124 Gr HP bullets, mixed Brass, Rem primers, 1.085-1.09 OAL, and got ave Velocity of 1,052 FPS which equals a PF of 130,448 out of an M&P 9 MM 5" barrel. They shoot great also in my 1911 9MM S&W Pro series and Springfield loaded. Also used 4.0 Gr of HP-38 , with 124Gr.  RN coated lead Bayou Bullets, Rem primers, 1.137 OAL, and got ave Velocity of 1,035 FPS for a PF of 129,313. Great loads for IDPA. Used same guns in both cases.

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33 minutes ago, Hi-Power Jack said:


Another fan ...    :bow:


I've been using WW231 (HP38) for 40 years ... for 9mm and .45 acp.


Excellent powder - and yes, I still have a stash of 20 year old WW231 :) 

Jack, what did you use for the first 40 years that you were reloading? :roflol:

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