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Any thoughts / suggestions? My plan is to order a set of identical twins in 40S&W & 45ACP....

Template Name: 1911 Govt. Length Pistol - Single Stack

Last Updated: 02/27/13

Special Instructions: Double Undercut Trigger Guard for High Grip

Front Slide Cut: 5 Xcelerator Serrations

Guide Rod: Stainless Steel

Panel Cut: No

Radial Flute: None

Rear Lightening: No

Rear Slide Cut: Xcelerator Serrations

Slide Material: Carbon Steel

Slide Profile: Three Sided

Slide Racker / Lightening: No

Stirrup Cut: Yes

Top Rib: 40 lines per inch

Front Sight: Red Fiber Optic .100 wide x 1.5mm

Rear Sight: Infinity Rear Sight Absolute Target Zero

AET Barrel Option: Non-AET

Barrel: Plain Barrel

Barrel Length: 5

Barrel Style: Bushing Style

Caliber: 45 ACP

Compensator: No Compensator

Trigger Base color: Silver

Trigger Bow: Titanium

Trigger Insert Color: Silver

Trigger Insert Style: Curved Medium

Triglide System: Yes

Grip Length: Checkered Rosewood (Traditional frame only)

Mag Well: Tactical - Titanium

Hammer: Triple Xcelerated SV

Hammer Finish: Silver Finish

Dust Cover: Standard (all)

Dust Cover Fluting: None

Frame Material: Carbon Steel

Frame Style: Traditional (1911 single stack) Square Trigger Guard

Grip Safety: Stainless Steel

ITI Rail cut: No Rail Cut

Magazine Catch: Stainless Steel, 4-40 tap

Magazine Release Button: Small Stainless-This option requires 4-40 magcatch.

Mainspring Housing: Flat Stainless Steel

Slide Lock Pin: Stainless Steel

Strut: Titanium

Thumb Safety Material: Stainless Steel

Thumb Safety Style: Ambidextrous Wide

California/ Massachusetts Resident: No

Gun type: Government (5 inch)

Pistol Finish: Infinicoat Diamond Like Carbon

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No AET on this with the TIN coating? No panel cut with the Infinity Mobius logo in it or SV? C'mon, add a bit more bling bling for the bang bang...............

Just a thought.........either way you'll be happy with your decisions. These should be nice pistols that you will pass down to the next generation when your done with them.

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Just a note - Are you absolutely sure you want a square trigger guard? The only reason I ask, is because I believe finding a holster will be more difficult.

And yep, I agree! AET barrel with TiN = win.

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Looks pretty good and polizei1 is correct, the square trigger guard does complicate the "non competition" holster selection a bit. Also, in my opinion, 5 xcelerator serrations is too much for a 5" gun. They look great on a 5.4" or 6", but they go too far down the slide on a 5" gun. And since you're already spending a lot of money on the pistol with coating, spend the extra 100 bucks for the AET barrel....... :cheers:

Edited to add: You're spending a lot of extra cash on the titanium mag well that you're going to beat the snot out of. Save that money, get an aluminum one and you have the cash for the AET barrel.

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BladeTech made my holster for my SV with the square trigger guard. Get one fitted for your wide body first and your single stack will drop right in. Tighten up the two side screws a bit more and you are off and running...

I agree with Trace on the cuts. I have 3 accelerator cuts on the front of mine ( you can see it in the gallery section). That is more than enough to keep the weight down under the 43 oz required for single stack division.

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You've got a nice looking order there. :cheers:

On the Xcellerators, I believe SV-COP might have a good point (5 on a 5" gun)

I'm about two months away from my SV single stack and I have 4 Xcellerators (front and rear) with spacing between each serration reduced by 50% to tighten them up some and make them look a little more "traditional". There was a small upcharge for that so if you really want 5, you can ask Brandon about that option..

I'd also do the AET instead of the Ti magwell if it came down to a one-or-the-other, but if you've got the scratch, itch it and get both.

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Thanks for the feedback guys. Here are my thoughts on the points that were raised:

1) AET barrel. Cost is not an issue. I am a bit lukewarm on the gold barrel color. Also, I saw how it is not recommend to shoot plated and lead heads out of an AET barrel. Wile I have never shot lead heads out of any of my guns, I do shoot a lot of blazer 165gr which I find to be a nice mild factory major load at 172PF. I also have about 20k stash of it so I want to be able to shoot that ammo. Will that pose an issue? Finally, does the AET coating affect lubricity of the barrel? I am notorious for not keeping my guns clean and I can use all the help in keeping everything slippery.

2) Square trigger. I am a limited guy and all my 2011s have a square trigger guards. I wanted to keep that the same. As far as holsters, I already have 3 blade tech 2011 holsters and was told that you can fit 1911s in there. Can anyone confirm this?

3) Xcelertor cuts / panel cuts / weight savings. I am a big fan of short dust cover, light 2011's. I have three of them and they weigh 34.4, 35.3, 35.8. So I like light guns. What slide cut configuration will take the most weight off slide? I would love to make this gun as light as possible.

4) Titanium mag well. Figured I would get it just because it was a way to add bling without being too ostentatious. Any idea that upgrade is costing me?

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The TiN will not affect the lubricity of the barrel and it will significantly add to the life of it.

Yes the blade tech holsters will fit both single stack and wide body pistols with a square trigger guard.

As far as the weight of the slide goes....you could add a radial flute and ask for internal slide lightening.

And for the Ti mag well, I simply thought it was a waste of money because you will ding it up.

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