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Hi pepole.

For one year now i have feeding problems with my pistol(polymer high capacity version of 1911 in 9x19mm).

We tried and replaced everything possible.My gunsmith told me that probebly the gun powder is to blame.

He noticed that evry time i shoot with this ammo there is fire and sparkling in the ejector port.

When i used another type of ammo(any kind) the fire didn't show at all or the feeding problems.

I saw the same problem with all the other members of the club with all sort of handguns using the same ammunition.

As a metter of fact i joined this club a year ago.And the ammo was new to me and to the gun.

With all sort of diffirent ammo i have no problem at all and no fire at the ejection port.

Can it be a slower rate of burn of the propelant wich cause this ?

Thank for your advice and sorry for my poor english/


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post-43151-0-11383400-1362122400_thumb.jpost-43151-0-19477600-1362122421_thumb.jHi Jack

We have at the club Magtech 9mm luger 115 gr fmc (9a).

This is the only ammunition we get.For other shooters it work well. As a matter of fact even for me with Jerico 941 polymer frame it work well.

The problem is with my other handgun.(1911 high cap' polymer frame)Fire in the ejection port and feeding problems only with this ammo.

When i use : Winchester, imi,Sellier &Bellot,and other ammo,i have no problem at all and no fire in the ejection port.

The fire in the ejection port happens with other guns but with no feeding problems.

I enclose a picture that demonstrate the fire.

I got all the support from the manufacture of the gun including rebuilding it all over again,change the slide to new one, change the frame with new one,change all the springs gun and magazine,but with no success. The only thing that work was change the ammo.

It is sad because that ammunition is good for all other shooters but not for me.

I asked other shooters here in our country about the ammunition, but no problem at all, and all the pepole say it is very good ammunitiom with no problem at all!!

Have you any sugestions and ideas?

Thank you a lot/


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I'd guess it is probably loaded with a relatively slow powder. Also, you might replace your recoil spring with a new one and see if the slide stays locked up a little longer.

It probably isn't hurting anything and you would only notice it when shooting in dim light conditions, not in daylight.

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Thank you Steve

I tried this (new recoil spring ) but no goood.

Next time I will put a stronger spring and see if the slide stays locked up a little longer and if i will have fire in ejection port sa you suggested.

I am quite sure that the fire in ejection port is due to the slow rate burning powder.

best regards


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