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USPSA newbie.


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Welcome :) Your in for an awesome and fun time. USPSA is a great game with great folks.

Normal shoots will vary from location to location. Different ranges provide different capabilities. Local to me target distances tend to be 7 yards or less on most paper. 7.6 yards or further on all steel. Depending how the stage is setup, occasional 20 or further yard shot to the extent of the shooting bay.

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most of it looks 10-20 yards with a few long shots.

Exactly - most shots are 10 - 20 yards.

There are, also a few long and short shots - believe it or not,

it's the short shots that are more problematic - they're usually

a small (head only, or less than 1/2 a target) and you are

going to shoot them "FAST" because they're so close -

and the bullet is going to shoot 1-2 " low at close range - easy

to miss a head shot at 5 yards.

Go give it a try - you'll have a ball - but practice a bit first,

and make sure your gun is 1. 100% reliable with the ammo you're

going to use in Miami, and 2. sighted in for 5 - 30 yards so you

don't have to worry about aiming left or right, or up or down. :cheers:

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