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Heavier bullet fly high


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Has anyone experienced heavier bullets grouping or hitting higher than lighter bullets.

I shoot an XDm 9mm with 4.5 barrel. The following three loads were used in the discovery.

1) 115 grain factor Blazer Brass and Winchester white box hit red dot dead center to a 1/4 inch high at ten yards. Advertised 1145 fps.

2) 124 grain Bayou Bullets over 4.4gr. of W-231, oal 1.145, .377-.378 crimp, chrono’d 1080fps are hitting about 1-1/4 inches high of dead center.

3) 135 grain Bayou Bullet over 3.9gr. of W-231, oal 1.145, .377-.378 crimp, chrono’d 998 fps are hitting about 2 inches high of dead center.

Shots are from bench rest at ten yards.

I first discovered this about two months ago when myself and a friend were shooting at 100 yards, mostly for fun and the 135's were flying over a full size silhouette target while aiming at center mass. In the past I have shot the 115's several different times and consistently had 18 inch groups centered around my point of aim. I had to aim at the bottom of the target, about 24 inches below point of impact. Groups were about 24 inches.

There seems to be a consistency here, anyone had any similar experience?


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I've experienced slower, which generally means heavier, bullets hitting higher.

I've been told it's because the bullet is in the barrel longer, recoil starts to lift the pistol in the hand, and barrel is beginning the unlocking process. Seems logical to me, and it fits with my experience.

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Yep, that is how I regulated a set of sights on a sixgun I own ran out of adjustments using a 220 gr.

shoots the 155LSWC /180JHPs just fine and beats filing down sights

Herters .401 PowerMags


as far as barrel time and recoil they are spot on lighter/faster bullet needs less counter adjustment to sights or follow through

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