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Square Deal B Conversion


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I am ready to order the Square Deal B press for 38 special and a 9mm caliber conversion. For the 9mm conversion, do you recommend the toolhead, or the quick-change toolhead which includes the powder measure? Also what is the best way to store the extra toolhead or the quick-change toolhead?

Thanks for the advice.

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I use one powder measure for all my SDB conversions. Twiddling the knob to get the right drop doesn't bother me, but I'll grant that I change calibers infrequently. All the toolheads (I have them in 9mm, 40 S&W/10mm, 44 mag and 45 ACP) and the dies fit into a box smaller than a shoe box that goes under the bench. The more or less permanently mounted SDB holds the measure and the current setup.

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