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Chamber Flags


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Weedeater cord

+1, went to a smallbore match today and match director had some flourescent green trimmer cord. Would cut a piece and tie a knot a few inches back and handed it to those who did not have chamber flags. Easy to see, easy on gun, and easy on wallet. :cheers:

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+1 on the Arredondo. I have the one for shotgun and the one for the rifle that fits in the magwell. I have seen quite a few of thin ones inserted into the barrel of a rifle only to be sheered off in the barrel when the bolt is closed. I just recently picked up a RedNeck Tactical flag for my shotgun. I could have easily made one, but for $15 it is pretty cool and looks great.

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I have seen some of them melt in the chamber. Pick wisely.

Maybe in centerfire, but in smallbore (rimfire sporter Match) no problem. But definitely could be a problem in 3 gun.

+1 for smallbore. Never had a problem in my free rifle but that never gets hot with that much metal to heat up. For the ar i use one i have left over from highpower not sure who made it.

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avoid the chamber flags that stick something all the way into a hot rifle chamber!!!!

it could melt,

and when you go to pull the chamber flag out . . . if your good . . . you will notice it's about 3in too short and then after everybody in your squad gets up out of the dirt from laughing,

some one will kindly get you a rod and you can ram the rest out of the barrel / chamber.

Or as mentioned above

Just go with Ralph s flags (Arredondo)

they don't melt and they don't sit too far in.

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Ralph Arredondo makes a set for rifle/shotgun that is pretty cool.


+1 on these

+2 they are great because they are designed to fit the AR rifle and 12 ga shotgun

+3 just got a set and worked great, only $11 or so for the set....

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