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Options for new handguard


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I've got a Daniel Defense M4 URG, V1 as seen below. I'd like to remove the 12" quad rail and put a tubular hand guard on my rifle. The issue is that I've got a fixed front sight post. Anyone aware of a tubular hand guard that includes a slot for a FSP?


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It's carbine length.. I've thought about just pulling it off, but I actually like the fixed post look. I'm just starting out in 3 gun so I'll be shooting with the rail and post for a bit, while getting used to things. Just trying to weigh my options for when I want to lighten the rifle further down the line.

Taking a look at the Samson, thanks.

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Not taken off yet, but getting ready to. I posted this over at AR15.com, but nobody has responded yet. I'm going to remove the DD M4 and want to replace it with a Troy BattleRail Alpha.

I have a vice, punch set and AR-15 armorers tool. If I understand things correctly, the DD M4 rail is installed with a proprietary barrel nut. I'll need to remove that and install a standard barrel nut for the Troy BattleRail installation.

Below is a list of the additional tools and parts I think I will need to complete the procedure.

DPMS Upper Receiver Action Block

Daniel Defense M4 Rail Threaded Ring Spanner Wrench AR-15

Standard Barrel Nut AR15, M16, M4

Daniel Defense .750 Clamp Low Profile Gas Block

1/2 In. Drive Click Type Torque Wrench

Brownells AR15/M16 Front Sight Bench Block

Troy/VTAC BattleRail Alpha - 15"

Am I missing anything else?

Lastly, if I am removing the DD barrel nut and installing the standard barrel nut, will that have any affect on headspace? It's my understanding the barrel extension will not be altered when removing the barrel nut, so headspace shouldn't be affected. Is this correct?

Thanks everyone for the recommendations which included the front sight. I think removing it will give me more options in the future.

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Headspace is done when they install the extension onto the barrel the end user can't adjust that easily.

Standard set for the barrel nut is 35 ft. lbs. back off retorque to 35 again back off then retorque to 35 and continue until the nut lines up with the reciever allowing the gas tube to go through make sure you arent off here as it will cause cycling issues if the tube binds.

May want to double check if the procedure for torque values is the same when replacing a nut I have only seen sets for new recievers not sure as you are "reusing" your upper if the values would change, either way anti-seize is your friend

Also measure the port from the shoulder and the port from the back of your gas block most dont take into account the lack of handguard spacer and you will have a single shot until you figure that one out and move the block forward to align the holes properly if there is a difference feeler guages make an excellent spacer while torquing down think most claim a .070" difference found.


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Thanks for the information. What do you mean by "measure the port from the shoulder and the port from the from the back of your gas block"?

I purchased this as a complete upper so I'm not familiar with all the terminology up top.

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Have you thought about the Noveske NSR? They are ridiculously light, almost sinfully light. I believe they just came out with a 15", not sure if you can get it tho..

Hadn't seen those yet.. they look nice and a bit pricey compared to the others. Looks like some of the 15" are starting to ship to dealers now, but still hard to get.

Any other 15" recommendations?

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When you remove your sight base you will see your gas port there you have to make sure your port in the barrel and the port opening in your gas block line up some gas blocks have a spacing issue and you end up with a partial or no line up which makes for partial or no cycling when you go to the range..

Bryan 45 where did you get the pink ribbon rail cover ?

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A fine man named David Power made these. They are made for the Samson Evo, and attach w/ plastic push-in fasteners. (simiilar to automotive trim fasteners)

I don't know if there are any more, but if you are interested in one, PM me and I'll send you the contact info for Andrew at Samson.

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