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S&W IDPA Indoor Nationals 2013 video

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Good Afternoon,

Here is my video of the 2013 Indoor Nationals.

Before anyone comments on what they think is poor officiating, please remember that if you were not present for the stage briefing, then you have no idea how the stage was presented to the shooters.

I have run a state championship, two regional sanctioned matches and a national championship and I did not see anything but great officiating. A lot of the staff did not even finish the match as the staff shoot day must have been full of problems. There were many staff members whose name is not even on the final results, as well as many DNFs. Even so, everyone was polite and pleasant.

Thank you to staff!

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Thanks for posting- great vid! I like the different angles and good job to you and your crew. I see you're from PA. It took us 16 hours to drive up from Indiana, but I'm pretty sure we were in PA for at least 48 hours. Contrary to maps and other facts, that has to be the widest state in the union. LOL!

This was my first nationals and I had an absolute blast. There was so much more to it than the match. Everything was great. Good times!

I've seen some course design/SO smashing on other forums over the match and I just didn't get it. All my SOs did a great job and the COFs were excellent.

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I looked at the match results and it looks like you had a nice result, winning ESR SS, TJ, nice job! Is that going to give you a "match bump?"

Thanks John! I missed the bump by 1 shooter. But, I classify this Saturday, so maybe I can move up.

Looking forward to shooting with you again! It was great having 3 wheelgunners on the same squad last time at Wilmore.

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