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Magnum Primers in .45 ACP


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I'm trading for a 5" 625 so I'm trying to scare up loading components. I've not been able to find Federal large pistol primers but I have a lead on Federal large pistol magnums. I also have a 1000 CCI large pistol primers I've been using in the .44.

Two questions.

I assume the Magnum Primers will have a thicker cup and be less sensitive than the standard Federal primers. Anyone have experience with The magnums in a revo with lightened springs? They have to be easier to pop than the CCIs.

Powder is a bit scarce too. I have some Clays and Unique. I'm leaning towards the Unique as I'm concerned about the combo of magnum primers and Clays spiking pressures. Any thoughts?


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I hope some folks who have used magnum primers chime in here, I used 5-10k of them in my 610 and 9mm 2011 and I've seen some crazy erosion.

No time to post the link here but do a search and you'll see pic's I posted.

Mine were all small pistol and used in minor loads for the 9mm and major in the 610

(and crap ! ...I was supposed to get the 610 fixed over the winter !)

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Clays is the go to powder for 45acp. If you want unburnt powder use your Unique.

Nothing wrong with magnum primers with full power loads. You will see erosion from light loads because the cup is toughter and doesnt seal well enough because of the low pressure. Just make sure you deep seat them and you will be fine.

Dave, call Jim Anglin, Sailors custom in Omaha. he welded up my FP hole/breech and my egged out cylinder pin hole on my 625, just like new....


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........I guess not, must have hit the wrong button again.

Doug, thanks for the weld info, on my 610 it's more the bushing than the breachface so I'll have to replace it sometime.

My issue's happened using full power loads, same load as always, 170 pf, only change was the primer.

I did look around for the thread on 1911 slide breachface erosion, couldn't find it.

It's probably just a 610 issue :P AND it'll decide to go bad in May.

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