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advise -- how to auto primer feeder on 650

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I was loading 9mm on my 650 .. i loaded about 75 rds.. then it felt like a primer did not want to feed.. so i stopped.. cleared the brass and remaining brass cases in the shell holder.. i have primers in the primer feed tube .. i guess about 50 or so.. now i cannot get the primers to feed.. the indexing wheel is centered and the shell plate turns when lowering & raising the handle very smoothly... but no primers will feed .. ?

any advise on how to clear up this problem would be greatly appreciated.. .. . i have been trying to call the 1-800 number at Dillion since 9:20 AM this morning and its always busy..

thanks in advance..

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It is not hard to disassemble. Two hex screws is all that holds to the press (after shell plate). Then remove disk on bottom and also can remove tube in the column. I am thinking sometimes I will get in the zone, forget to put black push rod back in tube :)

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What osageid said on the disassemble, wear eye protection and be careful, make certain that you have the correct internal tube installed in the feed, if you used a large tube with small primers they could twist and clog, with the proper tube a clog has never happened to me, once we did start with no tube installed at all, that clogged right off the bat but was easy to clear once removed from the press

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While you have it apart clean and polish things without removing metal from critical areas overly much.

On my ancient 93 era 650 I recently had to do some rigourous polishing to the aluminum channel the anvil side of the primers face when they

are transported along via the wheel.

It had some minor pitting typical of aluminum. I took a craytex cylinder that was almost exactly the width of the channel and HAND polished the

channel with that to clean that up. No power equipment was used!

I also had to face sand the wheel on mine using 200 and 400 grit sandpaper. I also used a craytex conical tip to lightly polish the primer disk

transport holes on both sides. I said lightly. cough. The holes were a bit cruddy that took some solvent and cotten q-tip work with a bit of encouragement with a 22 caliber sized bronze brush. Or maybe it was 17 caliber. It fit.

Course mine is a 93 era primer assembly.

I'm sure one of your primers is sitting crossways in a bad spot. Like another mentioned, possibly a bit of metal flake caused that.

I should post a pic one day of the inner tube of my primer assembly . About a year and a half ago I blew a primer stack. That was fun. First

time I ever had that happen. Put the outer safty tube (pipe_) half way thru the wall board in my garage ceiling. Sounded about like someone

firing off a 38 caliber handgun about 4 feet away.

I ended up salvaging that primer assembly and had to just replace the inner liner (large primer). That and some other minor parts. The plastic

primer follower had some amusing distortions done to it.....

Yah, do be careful.

Take it apart and fix that jam. Goggles please.

or facesheild even

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OK.. thanks guys.. with your advise ..i took off the shell plate... then removed the primer assembly.. it was a piece of metal that blocked the lowest primer .. thus they would not feed.. cleaned everything up .. & put it all back together.. IT WORKS !!!

by the way i have only loaded about 1,000 rds on my Dillion 650..

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