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Dillon 550 primers hanging low, catching and flipping

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I have a Dillon 550 w/ small pistol primers that are sagging out of the bottom of the primer feed tube, and the primer cup is catching on the sagging leading edge on the back stroke, preventing it from retracting back far enough to drop the primer into the cup. I can use a dental pick to lift the leading edge of the primer back up into the primer drop tube and it will return to normal operation.

At other times, it appears that the primer is catching on the lip of the primer drop tube and turning on its side so the primer is smashed sideways into the primer pocket.

Any ideas as to what needs to be done to fix this? The screw that adjusts the depth of primer cup travel into the primer pickup well is completely recessed. Thus, there is no possibility that the primer cup is too far back.


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Thanks for the replies. I found 2 things: the primer seating rod was sitting too proud in the receiver. It needed to be dropped down deeper before tightening the set screw. In addition, the tip on the tube was broken. Dillon is taking care of me. Amazing customer service!

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