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STI Poly Frame repair/modification epoxy?


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I've been trying to match a few of the cuts on one of my less-modoford frames to one of my more-modded frames. I like a lof o the undercutting and shaping, and I'm doing a fine job keeping it pretty similar, but I'm also gripping as I'm going and making some changes and adjustments. For some of thee adjustments I'd like to make, additional material would be required. For example, when shaping the bottom of the trigger guard, I wish it was 1/16 - 1/8 of an inch thicker than stock to start with. Then I think i would really end up with the design I am looking for.

So, has a material or process been discovered that bonds well with the existing frame and is nearly as sculptable once in place? And forms a permanent bond with he STI plastic, so it's safe? I have spools of ABS and PLA plastic for my 3d printers. I wonder if just melting some of that would allow you to apply it with a syringe to STI plastic that had been softened slightly with a heat gun?

Or maybe I would end up with a gun that shoots around corners. Maybe that would help my shooting :]

Thanks for the input. Or for direction to the dozens of threads I probably missed

JG Pasterjak

Palm Coast, FL


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I worked in composites and thermoplastics a long time ago. I don't think melting plastic from your 3d modeler to the grip will adhere well unless it's the same plastic, which I doubt, and even then, you would have to heat the grip to melt point for that plastic to bond.I would think if you want to build up some areas, prepping the area by sanding it down with a fine grit, then removing all the burrs and loose bits, and prepping with alcohol will give you a good place to start with epoxy.

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