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Anybody else think...Dog the bounty hunter ?
just when i thought to read the posts to see if anyone caught that and there you go with the last post.day late dollar short.my thought was the bounty hunters surely could find the squatches Mr. and Mrs. Foot with some Jack Link bait. Edited by Powder Finger
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Now suggesting the Dog the Bounty Hunter could be big foot, is grossly unfair, unkind and unwarranted harrassment.

So, anyway, how dig big foot offend you so much to cast such evil aspersions on the beasty?

I do how ever like the idea of training one to carry the range gear. the look way more co-operative than teenagers.

Guy at work has two sons, both 6'8" plus, when he bought them a snorkel set for Christmas he saved heaps on not buying the flippers.

I reckon Dog is one of the bravest guys I know. Every night he has to go sleep with Mrs Dog.

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