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So a couple of weeks back I get a call from a guy who has never shot a gun in his life (he moved to the U.S. from Asia as an adult to earn his Doctorate and has no clue about our "gun culture"), he is standing at a gun counter asking me what he should buy. I say, well, get a Glock, an M&P, an XD, whatever "fits" better. I didn't really think he was serious. Well he was, he bought an M&P .40 and the last box of ammo (re-manufactured) that they had.

I take him out to the range today. We go over the safety stuff, dry fire a bit and then bingo, a bell rings in heaven as we get another one over on our side. He tells me that other family members chided him about buying a pistol, his wife and adult children are even against it. It sounded like they almost had an "intervention" with calls coming from family members in Asia even. He told me that they thought that he would shoot himself or someone. Evidently it is really important what other family members think cause he was taking a lot of heat. Needless to say he was white knuckled when gripping the pistol and this from a culture that comes with a limp handshake. (Not putting them down, just an observation). I think the heat he was taking from the family had him edge to say the least!

Then I break out the "sawed off" shotgun. Then I break out the Modern Sporting Rifle. I bring it out and he says, "Oh, that's the bad one". We have a little discussion about that. Then I get out the $4k race gun with the 2 pound trigger. Grin from ear to ear.

We take the ear muffs off and talk about joining the NRA and what the 2nd amendment really means, not what he was told when he became a citizen. We pick up brass and he asks to keep an empty shotgun shell hull and the wad that came out of it. He also takes home the target to show off (yep, you are right, a metric with the "head").

Take a guess which one he liked shooting the most.

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