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Springfield XD S Loads


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I love my XDS 45.

I shoot the same stuff in it as in full size XDM 45's. I went XDM crazy in fact and now have the complete set. 3.8. 4.5 and 5.25 . Thanks to Obama I

went out and got a SPARE 5.25 I have stuck away in my safe.

ANyway, my XDS seems to not care about what I feed it. So far anyway. It seems as non picky as the XDM's all are here.

Far less picky than my Norinco 1911 45acp which isn't all that picky. Nor as picky as my Star Firestar 3.x inch that dates from the early 90's.

So, that means, 185 gr Berries HBRN,(plated), locally produced 200GR LSWC from Friendswood ,TX, 230 GR Rainier plated, and

some factory Remington 230g HP and some Eagle 230 RN Ball. I forgot to mention I also loaded and shot a bunch of Ranier 200 GR Hollow Points too. Workie good.

My personal loads are all hovering around 830 to 920 or so FPS no matter what GR bullit I use. Powder 231 I tend to favor as of late but am not picky I load what I have these days. Might be Unique even.

now, to be fair, I've not shot my XS near as much as I do my 5.25 XDM but not a single malfunction yet.

I predict the 9mm XS that comes out this summer will be one hard bird to find.

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Anyone have chrono data for their loads? I'm interested in powders and what type of velocity you're getting out of this barrel (XDs). I've seen a few test videos using factory ammo, and was impressed with the results. Curious if off-the-shelf powders will perform similarly.

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Give me a sec.

Grabbing my notebook from shelf.

Someone should have entered this in digital format by now..... typing it in .

I'll just enter the comparative notes I do have for rounds I did fire in the XS I have and data from other guns with same exact load:

XS45 Springfield 3.3"

Mean/ ES/ SD Misc Notes Using standard primers either 1970s era CCI or 2012 model WW LP.

200 LSWC 5.6 Unique 669 65 23 1970 era Unique

230 BALL Amer Eagle 772 .... 18 American Eagle OEM ammo

200 LSWC 6.0 Unique 776 112 30 1970;s era Unique

200 TMJHP Ranier 5.8 Unique 675 ... .... some data lost. 50Temp F day.

200 TMJHP Ranier 6.5 Unique 775 ... ... 50F temp

45 XDM 3.8

200 LSWC 5.6 Unique 698 84 25

230 BALL Amer Eagle 805 33 13

200 LSWC 6.0 Unique 781 83 22

200 TMJHP Ranier 5.8 Unique 721 ... .... Temp 50F

200 TMJHP Ranier 6.5 Unique 828 .... ... Temp 50F

45 ACP XDM Target 5.25"

200 LSWC 6.0 Unique 823 113 29 (all these as above same ancient 70 Era Unique)

230 FMJBALL Amer Eagle OEM 861 .... 14 American Eagle OEM ammo.

200 TMJHP Ranier 5.8 Uniq 807 ... ... Temp 50F

200 TMJHP Ranier 6.5 Uniq 889 .... ... Temp 50F

200TMJHP Ranier 6.3 Uni 856 115 29 (on a warmer day)

That is all of the comparatives I have on hand to the 45 XS.

Readings done with Competition Electronics Pro at about 8 feet from muzzles.

As you can see I am XDM crazy. I also have the 4.25 inch but not bothered to chrono it yet. It is my bedside gun.

Got a Norinco 1911 but not had a chance to chrono it at all. Used to shoot it in the 1990's long before I had a chronograph.

Some other data that might be of some interest I'll pick out but not had chance to shoot chrono in XS yet:

5.25 XDM Target:

230 GR RNL (ball) 6.2 Uni 927/43/12 mean/ES/SD . 2012 era Unique ww primers. 60F Temp

6.5 Uni 966/44/10 2012 era Unique . Note tighter SD numbers

230 GR RNL 5.6 231 873/37/11 70F temp. 2012 new stock powder

230 GR RNL 5.8 231 901/41/10 same as above

185 Gr Berry HBRN 5.5 231 (OLD) 844/89/20 powder 15 to 25 year old stuff.

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Just had a thought after viewing my notebook. I need to get more Bullseye. Currently loading that in my 38 special hoard but it would be interesting

to see how that performs in the XS as compared to say, the 5.25. I'll try and drum up faster powders.

But that will ttake some weeks. HAHAHAA. /sob.

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Finally got to the range with the week old XDS. I love this gun. I was afraid I would not like it as much as my long time carry gun, a LT Officers Model. However right out of the box it was great and as a plus it is lighter and smaller. Fired mostly home rolled 200gr swc loaded with 4.1 gr of Clays but also some Federal Hydra-Shock 200 gr +P. It ate all of them no problems whatsoever!

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Just picked up my XDS today. Hopefully will head to the range tomorrow to try out some lighter N320 loads I used for USPSA. But will probably roll some Clays loads as well before I go just to try out. It's a great looking and feeling pistol and anxious to try it out!!

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