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Comp Hammer legal modifications.


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Had a quick question for people that compete in produce in IDPA and/or USPSA. Has anyone tired lightening there comp hammer? If I under stand it right a lighter hammer is faster and snappier so it requires less lb's hammer spring to set off the same primers.

Now in IDPA SSP there is no external modifications but is that with the hammer down? If so would removing weight from the bottom of the hammer impact the speed? is it overall weight or just the weight towards the top of the hammer. Also could probably drill from the bottom of the hammer up toward the top without being visible.

Anyone done anything like this? Thoughts are welcome. Thanks Dan

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I guess that depends on if the weight needs to be removed from the top of the hammer to be effective or if just reducing the over all mass of the hammer will work?

If you were to drill up the center like this you would not be able to see it from the outside


You could also remove some mass by drilling hole in the side of the hammer also shouldn't be visible.


I've never reduced a hammer before so I guess my biggest question is does it matter where the weight is removed? If it has to be removed from the top then ya none of this will work for production.

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Ya the second one would be in combo with the first just to reduce overall mass. I don't think there is a way to get any higher and still be production legal.

What about this? This amuses that hammer down is how the gun is few for production legal.


So in this one you have a narrow hollowing on the inside and holes on both sides of the hammer to reduce overall weight. Also added drilling the top out from the firing pin side back that way with the hammer down at least under my comp sights it is not visible. This would also reduce mass on the top the only thing I worry about with someone like this is the hammer breaking/cracking.

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I forgot I even had my stock hammer and I think your right it would be better to do these mods to the stock hammer as there would be less weight in the end.

I had some time on my hands today and decided to mod my stock hammer tho it's not going to be legal in Stock anything it should prove if a lighter hammer can be used with a lighter hammer spring so I chopped some of the hammer off and took some off the back side of the main beam to make it all flow together a little better then I recut the hooks a little lower than the comp hammer.

Sorry for the blurry pic


Should be able to cock the hammer into SA with my hand still. Will report after some testing.

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