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Rice as tumbling media?


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Clean vs shine is between walnut and corn cob for me. MUCH lower dust though. It looks nasty sooner, but lasts about as long as corn cob does for me and actually comes out of the .223 cases.

Works less well if it it very humid, and if you are one to add a bit of car polish, I'd recommend against it.

It doesn't give up the dirt to a dryer sheet, but that trick never worked well for me with anything.

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I used rice for more than 5 years. It works just fine if you only want clean. It will not polish the brass. At one time, it was about $6 per 25 lb bags.

But this year I switched to walnut reptile stuff from Petco.

I do not need my brass to be shiny only clean.

If you clean after you load to get the lube off and use JHP you really might not like rice since it has been know to get into the HP.

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will concur with above on rice with HP - bad idea. . ..

also, i have found rice just doesn't last as long and shows dirt so much sooner.. . Almost like you have to rinse rice all the time but the more you rinse, the more it actually dissolves. So again - not as advantageous as other medias

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