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Almost had a 650!

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So I took out a $1k 401k loan to buy a reloading set up. I found a site that had a few 650s in stock just not in .40 (no biggie ill just buy a conversion). So the day my check gets here i deposit it and get online to order. THEY SOLD OUT! Damn my luck. And of course the only ones i can find now are on ebay and they want more than i was gonna pay for the press, conversion to .40, dies, strong mount, and roller handle.

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I would go ahead and order one to get in line, Dillons back order time for dies and caliber changes has been much faster than they advertised. They seem to be cranking stuff out pretty quickly now, hopefully the same applies to presses. While you are waiting work on all the other tons of doodads you will need to go with the press, scales, tumblers etcetc etc....

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You could repost on Ebay and make phat profits. Ferengi style.

My eyes bled the other day when I saw a 550 with 223 conversion and a set of dies get bid up to 1450 dollars plus shipping.

Watching ebay bids is almost as entertaining as a few episodes of 24.

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