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Please help if you have a box of fiocchi in .308


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Alright anybody have a box of Fiocchi Exacta rifle match .308 winchester 168 gn SMK HPBT. I would like to copy this bullet exactly as I was able to get a 3 shot group at .35 inch and multiple groups sub .5 at 100 yds.

Any more info on this load would be appreciated ive got 500 SMK bullets and don't want to bother with loading different lengths whatever that round is is great for my purpose.

What powder does Fiocchi use? hopefully RL15 or varget as ive got plenty

Please help I forget to measure OAL and pull a bullet prior to going to range and shot the entire box

Used a stock savage model 10 PC 20" barrel and accustock sandbags swfa ss 10X42

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Many commercial loaders use commercial powders rather than retail. Regardless they are unlikely to tell anyone. If you want to try and duplicate it, first measure the velocity, then look at recipes for the 168 gr that will put you in that range. Back down 10% and start testing.

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A good baseline is the Army's M852 load, which Federal duplicated for their Gold Medal Match load and then added 100fps to it to gear the load towards bolt action .308 Winchester rather than 7.62x51 NATO gas operated rifles.

42gr IMR4895

168gr SMK

2550fps M14 National Match

That's the load from the Army's technical manual, with exact specified powder type and charge.

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