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Mossberg JM Pro Cleaning Process


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I keep reading about a cleaning process for new Mossberg JM Pro's, vital to do before taking to the range. But I can't find the link here on the forums, I think another member put it together?

Can someone point me in the right direction?


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Mine ran great out of the box and continued to run well with light cleaning until it decided it was dirty enough. Once it was too dirty (after about 1k rounds) it would jam quite often. I followed all the advice and took it down to naked and cleaned the piston, that worked well for about 300 rounds and it started jamming on me again. I took it down to parade rest again and this time I popped the rings off of the piston and cleaned them too. It was amazing how much carbon they were holding. I went against my norm and lubed the piston and rings with FireClean, I usually run pistons dry out of habit from growing up with an M14. The 930 runs like a top again after cleaning all that carbon out of the rings.

I recently got an M2 and I'm actually torn as to which one I like better. The M2 loads a little easier and is certainly more refined, but the JM930 shoots so much softer. I can really tell a difference on transitioning between the two, I am faster on target arrays with the JM930 simply because I can handle the recoil better. It may just take some time to get used to the M2, but I'm not selling my JM930!

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