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DAA Single Stack Racer magazine carriers


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As soon as they were announced, I was im mediately interested in the DAA Single Stack Racer magazine carriers. The new SS Racers promised greater adjustability and a trimmer profile than the CR Speed doubles I have been running for Single Stack. They became available in February and a quick call to CEDDAA and six units were on their way.

I got them on the belt last week and a did a little dry/live fire and as I said in another thread, they release a mag "slicker than a loogie on a linoleum floor". The release is incredibly smooth and effortless from minimum to maximum retention (OK nearly effortless at max) as adjusted with the tension screw. I run minimum retention starting with the first carriers gradually increasing the tension for each subsequent carrier as I progress around the backside.

They mount to the belt using the usual DAA RM/Racer mount bracket/hanger which is a two screw plus steel plate affair. Unlike my RM carriers, which I run in Limited, I did not need to pound the belt onto the bracket. They fit right on without any slop to my DAA belt and were rock solid after tightening the two screws.

Here are a few other initial impressions:

  • Brass fittings/inserts are used for bearing surfaces where the mounting screws go
  • The carrier body is solid plastic - meaning sturdy
  • They are open on the bottom so there is no contact with the bullet of the first round and any dirt or grit can fall out
  • They use a "toothed" plate to adjust the rotation of the carrier a full 360 degrees in reasonably fine increments
  • They are ambidextrous so lefties can drink the DAA koolaid
  • The inside of the body is very smooth - it seems polished in comparison to the exterior

One feature important to some is the ability to mount the carrier at 90 degrees to the belt. DAA advises that the 90 degree option is possible but I've found that, though this can be accomplished, it cannot be done out of the box. Here are the two problems that prevent the 90 degree option without additional modification:

  • The head of the mounting screw does not fit between the track that supports the tension spring assembly
  • There is no access hole on the front side of the carrier to allow (easy) access to secure the mounting screw

I believe the DAA response to these issues would be the same as they are for the Racer carriers:

  • chuck the screw into a drill and turn the head down to fit
  • drill your own access hole

Even if one were to turn the screw head down, the absence of a front access hole means forceps/tweezers are required to place the mounting screw. Although, these are not complicated operations and within the capabilities of most anyone with the tools and a little mechanical ability, as others have mentioned in other threads, the need to do so for oneself leaves one feeling that the product as delivered is somewhat incomplete.

Overall, I'm quite satisfied with these carriers. For the price, they offer a lot of adjustability and security, they are aesthetically pleasing though the silver color I ordered was not quite what I thought (should have ordered black).

I plan to do the 90 degree modification and I'm also considering altering the top/front so my index finger can index on the magazine. I'll post some pics and update this thread as I work through the mods.

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