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Battlehook Sport, Defensive & Carry Sights


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Well.. finally here is one of the reasons I've been swamped and busy for the past nine months or so.. we're moving fast forward and our sights are also carried by Brownell's.

So far we have the Battlehook available for Glock and 1911 pistols. Battlehook rear sights will soon be available for XD, M&P and more..

Check out the video of Andy Reinhardt of 303 Arms in Denver, Colorado who uses and teaches defensive shooting tactics with the Battlehook sight. Because of the competition style rear sight you can use these sights in IPSC, IDPA type of competitions with your daily carry gun and also have a fantastic accurate sight picture. And when you need it, the "hook" is there to accompany you.

Battlehook has been a collaboration in design between myself and Luke Volkmann of Volkmann Precision of Littleton, Colorado. Luke is one of those super high-end 1911 gunsmiths who have been featured in American Handgunner for his craftmanship. Luke and I first teamed up in the summer of 2012 when we decided to develop a unique, high quality rear sight for 1911 that offers one handed slide operation. When we started developing the 1911 battlehook we decided to go all the way, which meant developing a special cut for Luke. The genius of this cut for the gunsmith is that he can use the same dovetail cutter when installing both the front and rear sight ! This also means a much slicker rear sight cut which gives his custom 1911 pistols a look that is a step above others. For more information about Luke Volkmann, check out Volkmann Precision

Within the Battlehook product group, I developed a 10 degree "hook" style sight for the Glock pistols with an extended sight radius that gives you a bigger rear sight picture. The obvious benefit of this is that you are able to much quicker identify the front sight within the much more defined rear sight.

We officially introduced these sights at the 2013 Shot Show. You can get them from Brownells or at our web store. Our international distributors in Norway and Sweden also carries the Battlehook. My European Sales Agent, Lars Syversen of Syversen Performance and myself will be attending the IWA gun show in Nuremberg, Germany in a few weeks where we welcome meetings with European gun shops who wants to carry our Battlehook products.

Here we go..

Battlehook on henningshootsguns.com

I wish everyone a happy week ;-)


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I've ran the heinie ledge on all my carry / work guns for as long as they've been out, I'm glad to see there's another quality option now! I like the fact that you have the 10' forward angle on the face.

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