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Convert 12 Gauge to 16 or 20 Gauge?

Religious Shooter

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Just wondering if it could be done.

I ordered 250 shells of the Gun Club from Midway about a week ago. They were limiting the # you could buy. And now they are out of stock.

I just went and ordered another 10 boxes from Brownells. Thanks for the heads up. The 500 should last me 2-3 months.

Hopefully the Walmart will get in stock by then.

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I don't remember who made them But they were called "Companions" used in over and under like a Sub gauge tube set. The Tube sets are full barrel length and have a screw in choke. You could have your nice ballanced 12 gauge and drop in tubes and shoot the gun gauge event is 20 28 and 410 I have a full set for my wifes gun

Well the Companion set was short just about 8" long that set in the 12 gauge chamber . Never heard of a set for an auto though.

I have a very nice 28 gauge Skeet model if you get an itch.

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Briley makes the companions which are full length tubes. The ones I believe Mr Foote is referring to are the side-kicks.

There was a company that did make a chamber restricter for autos but only for single loading. Jamie and the other posters are correct that it would cost more to change yours over than to pick up another 20ga. I am finding the opposite down here in that everywhere has 12ga but no 20.

Once everyone comes to their senses, or runs out of money, things will be all good. Already starting to see it lighten up a bit. Hang tight.

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