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Where I live we do not have sewer service with the city or county.They have offered to install a county sewer system on our street for $2,600.it would have a force pump in my yard that they would maintain.then run pipe to road where another pump would take over,anyway would YOU pay the money or just stay with the tank.I have lived here for 8 years with o problems...???stinky job

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What's the yearly cost on the tank?

Will your Sewer/water/property taxes/fee's go up because of the upgrade? (Cities, Counties, Govt in general, do not usually maintain something for free.)

Will it add value to your property? (ask an appraiser)

These are the questions that would help me figure out if it's worth it.

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ima45dv8--no,would not require to be connected,,for resale

DWFAN first question,,water fee would go up..about $25.00 per month

don't know about maint.for ever.

property value would in my guess yo up but not much,so my realtor said..

It's probally a good thing,just bad timing..

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