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sonic cleaner or media tumbler


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I would say no. I have the magnum sonic cleaner, and it works pretty well, but its more of a pain than old fashion tumbling. Having to wash off the solution so it doesn't leave etch marks on the brass is a pain, and waiting for it to dry. In some ways it gets the brass cleaner, but it doesn't polish the brass.

Its way easier just to throw it in the tumbler, then dump the contents into a media separator, and start loading.

I like using it for cleaning my AR Bolt. I also use it to pre-clean nickel plated brass before I put it in the tumbler for a short time in clean media. It makes it super shinny without excessive wear of the plating.

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I got a sonic cleaner for use with my long range .308 brass and it works quite well for that. I don't find it works that well for pistol brass and is definitely more trouble. I do like the sonic cleaner for small parts that need a good cleaning.

More recently, I picked up a Thumler liquid tumbler on sale and it works quite well for either kind of brass. The one downside to it is that, if I follow the recommended procedure for use with stainless pins, it takes longer than dry media and doesn't hold as much brass as my regular tumbler does. On the other hand, it is quieter.

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