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Rockcastle monthly USPSA club match - Feb 23

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It's that time again folks. Five stages, 134 minmum round count with CM 06-02 (http://www.uspsa.org/classifiers/06-02.pdf) as the classifier. Registration opens at 9, the match will start 30 minutes behind schedule so plan to go HOT at 11:00 am central time.

That gives you enough time to hit the lodge for breakfast!

See you there.

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On my way. First live rounds since the 2012 Nationals, let's see if I remember which is the noisy end.

Had 3 GMs on my squad today! 2 of them where much classier than the other one but hey what can you say lol. Watching Matt shoot was like watching poetry being wrote 6 rounds at a time. Then there was Sam and while it wasn't poetry some how the results where close to the same lol.

The stages where great as usual. Lots of options and movement....FUN FUN FUN!

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Was way fun shooting with the KY mafia again, and it has been a long time. really good to have Matt and Elizabeth to shoot a revolver with, and on the same squad with all three of us !!!!! I agree Corey. Matt is one smooth operator he really does make it look easy like the real good guys do.......Jerry, Elliot, and the other good ones. ;)


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