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Buffer weight adjustment


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Changing the weight of your buffer assembly an ounce at a time would be challenging. I am confused though. If the carrier is light by your standard, wouldn't you want a heavier buffer assembly? In any event, I don't think there is a problem to be solved at this point. Does your rifle complete the cycle of operation with the new carrier?

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I'm currently putting together a new rifle. Its my first AR.

I'm still trying to understand the relation of the bolt carrier group and the buffer. To what I see they both move as one. of course I want soft shooting , light recoil,reliability, and fast bolt. But from the forums here and elsewhere it seems that light or heavy BCG / BUFFER reduces recoil. unless I'm reading them wrong?

PARTS so far:

Daniel Defense 14.5 mid-length LW

Syrac adjustable

XL Super Comp

MUR upper

DPMS gas tube

Bushmaster lower

Young's NM chrome

Mil-spec trigger


Samson 12" handguard


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Buffer weight and carrier weight relate to how you feel the recoil impulse of the rifle. I prefer a short harsh impulse, so i reduce the weight in each. If you have a heavier carrier and go with a lighter buffer, you won't feel any real difference IMHO because the overall mass is still the same. If you go heavy carrier heavy buffer, you will notice a less harsh but elongated impulse.

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I just got a Youngs BCG NM chrome...it supposed to be an ounce heavier...

So my question is:

Do I need to reduce an ounce from my buffer to balance out the moving parts?

Thanks in advance

Sorry Boost but there's no set "correct" weight for any given setup.

With all the different gas lengths and different bullet weight and different powder charge/burn rates....

Get where I'm going here?

You have to shoot it then see what needs to be done to fit your preference.


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