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Glock 10 round magazines in stock, Jager Strikers


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I apologize profusely for not having strikers in stock for so long.

Strikers are coming off the miller and being tuned and polished now. I'm filling backorders first, and then I'll list them on the site as I complete them - I anticipate Friday or Monday. I think I made enough of them this time around to keep me going for a little while.

My comps are complete and expected back from anodizing tomorrow or Wednesday. I made a slight improvement to the port design.........

I got my hands on a limited number of Glock OEM 10 round magazines, unfortunately they were a little pricey. I grabbed them anyway for my fellow NY shooters who were unlucky enough (like me) to have NO ten rounders, which turned all my Glocks into paperweights with the stroke of a pen for the NY SAFE ACT. These are in 9mm for the G17 / G34 and in .40 for the G22 / G35. I expect they'll go fast, and I hope the NY guys get a crack at them first. I've set the maximum order for 2 magazines.

Thanks all, jager

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