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Single Stack Rule Question. (Yet Another)


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As long as the gun fits in the box and is under the max weight of 43oz with an empty magazine you're good. From the looks weight may be the only issue with the steel magwells, but I don't have you're gun to measure.

Box intenal dimesions 8 15/16” x 6” x 1 5/8” (tolerance +1/16”, -0”)

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It's going to end up being a personal preference thing.

The S&A, being steel, puts slightly more weight in the palm of the hand vs. the Dawson which is all aluminum. I guess one could run a steel MSH with the TechWell and this would put you at about the mid point for balance/weight. Personally, I have both the S&A and the Dawson and I don't notice the weight difference. I did drill out the inside of MSH section of the S&A though.

I do like the huge opening of the Dawson. In comparison, the S&A is just big not huge.

Oh and I hogged out the openings on both units.

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Thanks, this is where my almost 20 years out of the sport is an issue. S&A was the go to magwell back then.

I should be OK as far as weight goes with just about anything as the base gun (a Springfield Armory Loaded Light weight) has a aluminum frame and only weighs in a 33 oz. with an empty mag as it comes from the factory.

While I've got you here. I've read and pretty much understand the rules on SS but I have a question about "External modifications or features such

as weights or devices to control or reduce recoil (such as, but not limited to,thumb rests or components which could be used as such)."

Does this include extended safeties and slide stops? Specifically there use to be an extended safety on the market that had a guard as part of the safety that was a small plate between the thumb and the slide. I can't remember the maker of that little gem so if you know it chime in. Especially if it is legal for Single Stack.

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