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CZ Tac Sport Mags getting jammed up... HELP!


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Been having this issue since day one.

While shooting, the gun will stop feeding due the magazine getting jammed up. What appears to be happening is the follower is tilting to one side and catching a dimple that is on either side of the mag. This dimple, I believe is only on the 10rd mags as it's the dimple that limits it to 10rd.

Anyone else experience this or know a fix? Thanks in advance.

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You're shooting the 9mm right? Does this happen with all your mags or just one? After it jams, do you just turn over the mag and the rounds fall out? (Salt shaker)

I don't think the dimples have anything to do with it as they're below the follower at all times.

Yes, it's a 9mm. I think I figured out what is happening.

At times, while loading, I have felt that more than 10 rounds are able to fit (I will start counting from now on). I think when this happens, the follower is allowed to pass the dimples. However, this doesn't mean I can load the entire mag. Either the the round above the follower is catching the dimples or something else is limiting it to somewhere around 11-12 rounds. So, when the follower goes below the dimples that it's not supposed to, when coming back up it can catch one of the dimples, which causes it to jam up.

Make sense?

I don't have my mags marked, so I don't know if this is only happening with one mag. Will mark them for next time.

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