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Steel Challenge-MDQ (Ghost Holster)


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I have been using a Ghost holster for about six months. I reloaded and reholstered and I was sure my M&P 327 with a C-more railway was securely locked in. I was surprised to find that it was not "securely locked in" on the dirt it went! MDQ

I am actively seeking a CR speed holster as a replacement for the Ghost. Any thoughts and comments are welcome!

Thank you! Mac

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Having happened to you once, it's quite unlikely that it'll ever happen again because you are now so aware of the possibility.

Six months may seem like a long time, but in that time, how many draw/reholster reps do you have with the Ghost?

I use a DAA RM and on occasion, if the gun doesn't go in quite right, the lock will not engage - so it's a go/no-go type of lock. It took a little (several hundred reps) dry fire to really get a feel for it and know, with certainty, whether or not the gun was properly seated and if the lock could be successfully engaged. I would not engage the lock between strings shooting steel but you get the idea.

Not having a Ghost, I cannot comment on the reholstering/securing/locking. If you don't have a lot of reps with it, maybe you might dry fire a little more to really get to know when the gun is properly seated/locked.

That said, if you're set on switching holsters, there are several that you might consider and the CR Speed is one. You might ask around at the range and see what others are using and if they have something close to your M&P setup.

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Please dont think Im being rude. You failed to ''securely" lock the pistol in the holster and it fell out, that is operator induced error. Repeating that mistake with any race holster may very well have the same outcome.

Good luck


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I have to agree with Mildot1 ... not sure trying to fix a mental mistake with a new equipemnt choice is a smart idea ... or more importantly, actually fix anything. Face up to the fact that YOU made a mistake & address it in your training regiment.

I firmly believe that great shooters are able to become great shooters because of their superior focus on self-analysis. They identify their problems quickly and correctly and immediately apply fixes until they are corrected. And unless they can prove it with 100% certainity, they never blame their equipemnt for a failure. Did your holster actually malfuction?

people say all the time that they could be better shooters with Gocks if only they could get a better trigger ... nonsense, they just need to train harder and learn how to manipulate what they have better ....

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