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C-More Dot Going Off and On and Off and ....


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My ASR went crazy on me today.

Last stage of 160 rounds or so and halfway through the stage the dot went out, suddenly. Two shots later (don't ask) dot came back on as bright as ever. Another few shots and it disappeared again. Repeat above a couple of times.

Changed the battery yesterday. Battery might have been a few years old. Duracell. Supposedly.

Did this at the end of a 400 round practice a couple of weeks ago. Changed battery and OK through two local matches and another practice session and nine of ten stages at the FO.

Anyone had this experience and, if so, what was the diagnosis?

I will be calling C-More tomorrow of course but a little info from the cognoscenti would be useful to me.


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It's sounds like either the switch went bad, a solder joint on the battery broke, or you have a loose battery connection. Make sure that the two little rubber pieces are still next to each battery terminal, this keeps the battery tight. If it a standard switch c-more is there and play in the switch when you wiggles it up and down? Lastly I broke solder joint once on a c-more and it would make the dot come and go, but only when I was shooting. When not shooting the dot was on and working fine.

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