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223 Case Dimensions


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I quit trying to use the Dillon 223 Case Gauge because "every" case was below the minimum step. I started using a comparator as everyone suggested (Thanks).

How I went about setting it up was to measure numerous rounds of 223 from my 223/5.56 AR15 and then zero'd my indicator 2 thou less. I then set my FL Dillon Sizing die up to size the cases to Zero (0.002" bump back from my chamber formed rounds). So far so good.

I have sized about a 1000 cases from the range. The majority came out dead on Zero according to comparator and some +/- 1 thou. They chamber and eject fine in my AR15. I had a a couple dozen that were + .002 - 0.004 and they would stick in my chamber so I just ran them thru the FL die again and they were fine.

Now, finally to my question, if my indicator is zeroed for 2 thou bump back, what is considered too short to load and fire. I have maybe 60 or 70 very nice looking cases but they are -.005 to -.010 (below) my Zero. Are they junk or will they expand that much without separating?


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