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Dillon RL550 Case Feeder Problem

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Recently I decided to increase my reload volume per hour by purchasing a 550 Case Feeder.

The install went smooth until the last few steps, when I saw the case feed lower feeder assembly (#96002) doesn't clear the inside of the press bell. After trying to adjust the new components, I dismantled the entire case feeder and started again from Step 1. Unfortunately, the case feed lower feeder assembly still doesn't clear the bell, see attached picture.

The press have been with me since the 80's and has been a true pleasure to reload with.

Any suggestion on how to rectify the problem?



(PS. I did email Dillon a few weeks back, but I guess they are a bit busy)


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I wrote to Dillon twice but never received a reply.

I then decided to file away approx. 2-3mm of the casting to create space for the ram to move all the way up, see picture. The modification works perfectly.


The only hassle is the alignment of the case feeder cam, as I still crush approx. every 15th case.

I will again do a fine adjustment on the cam to see if I can prevent the case from jumping backwards out of the shell plate.

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UPDATE 27Dec2014

I kept refining the cam alignment as described in the case feeder installation manual, troubleshooting section, and that improved the operation. But the most significant change I made was to change replace my old brass with brass (once fired) from a SINGLE manufacturer (Spe..). Case positioning and feeding improved which meant less stop-ages, increased reload rate and very few crushed cases.

But then, a few weeks back I bought a XL650 and decided to move the case feeder to the 650. I ordered the case feeder conversion kit (#22173) from Dillon but it didn't include the micro switch wiring instructions. Im a but stuck converting the wiring and don't want to burn the case feeder motor. I will open a new post for this.

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