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What movie(s) have you walked out of the theater on? Not just turned off the DVD or changed the channel but you took the time, spent the money, drove to the theater and the flick was such crap you just got up and left. For me there have been two:

In Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves Kevin Costner couldn't be bothered to learn a British accent and I couldn't be bothered to watch his movie. If I wanted Robin Hood of Ohio this movie might have been okay, the rest of the cast was pretty good but Costner just ruined it for me.

Blade II, just crap and so much of it that I can't point to any one thing and say that was the factor that caused me to get up and leave.

What was your "I'm outta here" flick?


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As I mentioned in another thread. Out of Africa

Just one of the posts that made me think "hmmmm, this deserves its own thread." :)

A good thread idea always deserves repeating. :lol:

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Haven't walked out of any theatres. I usually won't go to a movie unless I've seen a couple of good previews and then think it'll be something I'll like. Ive gotten some DVDs from netflix and so forth that were movies I had heard of but not seen. Turned off a few of those from time to time.

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It was some dragon slayer flick 30+ years ago. :)

We are very deliberate these days when it come to film decisions.

I will mention that I fell sound asleep in Stars Wars Episode 3.

Never happen before or since. So, technically I walked...mentally.

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