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Dillon poweder measure and powders

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Dillon says keep the powder measure with plenty of powder in it. My question is this: I have my powder in one pound containers. Is it ok to mix THE SAME powders together? When the powder measure starts getting low is it ok to fill it up using THE SAME powder or are different lots not good to mix?


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That depends on how precise you wish to be and the history of QC for a given powder.

Certainly, for pistol rounds, I just keep adding powder until I'm done working.

With precision (1000 yard) rifle rounds, I use same lot powder in a given session. I don't care if a lot change affects my come-ups between days at the range, but I don't want any variables (that can be controlled) to intervene on a single, given day.

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Thanks for the info. I am just loading .223 for paper killin, no precise shooting, so it would probably not make much difference. Or I guess I could mix it all together and then start loading. I havent started loading yet.

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I can't comment on mixing differ lots of the same powder as I never sat down to document any differences with a chrono. Might bother with that some day. I only load 45acp and 38/357 so I don't fuss over that much.

What I do however that you might consider:

Rather than dump more powder in my powder drop every time it gets below the half way mark, I put a follow weight on top of

the powder to simulate a full bin.

The follow weight is a empty garlic powdered spice bottle (Adams I think it was) that is just small enough to fit inside

the powder drop bin tube. I filled said spice bottle half way with table salt, sodium enriched of course.

I had to add a handy duct tape handle to the lid of said bottle as it just isn't tall enough for when the powder drops to the

final 1/4th or so of the run. I have let my powder bin run till the bottom of the bottle just begins to rest on the baffle.

In my case, 5 grain or so flake and ball powder measurements stay within my specs using this method.

Of course, if I have spare powder I'll top off but I had to hit on this solution as there are times that extra powder taint laying

around or I have HUGE lot differences.

Say for example recently. I had 1970's era Unique and 2400 handy. Still had 5 dollar stickers on them. I didn't want to mix

that with the new fancy pants 20 dollar versions of the same stuff.


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